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“I believe that Africa United movie lived up to it’s expectations!” – Francis Iraguha


Rwanda film festival (RFF) campaign team caught up with Francis Iraguha during the editing of his latest project ‘Inzozi’ a film that he has a leading role. The following are excerpts of what transpired in the discussion.
RFF: Tell us briefly about yourself and your contribution to the entertainment industry in Rwanda?.
FRANCIS: My name is Francis Iraguha. I am an actor, traditional fashion designer. I am now creating new images of traditional costume known as ‘imikenyero’, I am also a bill board model.

RFF:What do you know about hillywood?

FRANCIS: My first time experience with hillywood was in the production of the genocide film, 100 days. I wanted to act but unfortunately I was by then too young. I met Eric KABERA during the filming of ‘some times in april’ but. was not selected during casting. however worked behind the camera in the production of that movie.

RFF:What is the role of film to a country like Rwanda?
FRANCIS: I think film helps Rwandans learn and shape their History. Secondly, film can be used to ensure peaceful co-existence between different ethnic groups. Thirdly, film reminds Rwandans of their past, present and where they will be in the future. You see that plays a major role in development because film industry provide jobs.

RFF: Where do you see hillywood in seven years from today?
FRANCIS: To answer this we’ve got to see where hillywood was before, where it is today and I think in seven years it will be a huge industry in Africa and beyond.

RFF: What is your favorite hillywood movie and why?
FRANCIS: “Africa United is my favorite movie because Eric KABERA worked with real professional filmmakers to produce this film. According to me, it was professionally done.

RFF: If an upcoming filmmaker approaches you to taking part in his or her movie, what would be your response?
FRANCIS: I would give a big ‘yes’ 100% because I love being in film.

RFF: What impact do you think Rwanda Film Festival is creating to Rwanda?
FRANCIS: I am sure it is going to make a difference. The face of Rwanda is going to be changed through the festival and I believe this is going to motivate foreign and local investment and put Rwanda on the world map.

“I am the best actress in Rwanda!’’ Mary speaks out of her passion in acting.


Mary has just starred in her latest film ‘Inzozi” a film that is currently in post. For her, it’s a story of confidence and vision.

RFF: Tell us briefly about yourself and your contribution to the entertainment industry in Rwanda?.
FRANCE: My name is Mary France Niragire. I believe I am the number one Rwandan film actress. I am a traditional dancer. I have acted in “Rudasanzwe‘. I didn’t ask for payment because I have a burning passion to support filmmaking in Rwanda.

RFF: What do you know about hillywood?

FRANCE: It is a brand new filmmaking organization that exposes local talents to the world of cinema.

RFF: What is the role of film in a country’s economy?

FRANCE: Film is educative and creates employment opportunities. All this plays a big role to a country’s development. It has a ripple effect that eventually booms the national economy.

RFF: Where do you see hillywood in seven years from today?

FRANCE: I swear hillywood is going to outsmart both Nollywood and Bollywood in seven years from now. Just give it time. Man, if you see the quality of the images for our latest film “Inzozi’ where I am the main actress, you can tell that hillywood is heading somewhere.

RFF: What is your favorite Rwandan movie and why?

FRANCE: “Inzozi” I did what I thought I could not do. I think there is no actress in Africa who can do what I did. Others use substances to induce tears but my tears were real. I cried! Others use substances like onions but I did it naturally!.

RFF: If an upcoming filmmaker approached you for taking part in his or her movie, what would be your response?

FRANCE: It depends with the filmmaker intentions and the type of film. If it is for education I can act free of charge but if it’s for business, I would ask for money. I would also love to be a millionaire! Who hates money anyway?

RFF: What Impact do you think Rwanda film festival has to Rwanda as a country?

FRANCE: Film is educative and gives Rwandan confidence and hope and that changes the negative perception that some people have on Rwanda.

RFF: Thank you France for your time.

FRANCE: You’re welcome!

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Silver Film Productions : Who are we?

We are a medium sized company. Our power lies in the fact that we pay attention to detail.
In each case, we achieve results by combining our skills with state-of-the-art equipment and an approach to customer relations that involves the client in every step of the production process. All of our films aim to take the exact form desired.

Silver Film Productions has long specialized in delivering the quality and content that our clients require on a range of budgets, in all conditions, and within tight time frames. You can rely on Silver Media Productions to deliver, no matter how demanding your needs are, or how tight your schedule is. Whether it is a complete production process from research right through to post-production, or a stand-alone Production project requiring just a single service, we guarantee to supply the most committed crews and best quality technical equipment available.

To be a major contributor in mainstream media for generating local content, and to be the preferred provider of production services for both TV and Radio, for the local and international markets.

Mission Statement:

We strive to offer, at all times, a world-class service by:
• Providing tailor-made solutions, which enable our customer’s to meet their objectives.
• Approaching all projects with creativity and to provide timely, responsive services.
• Keeping up to date with the latest technology in TV and Radio.


Passion: We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in our work. We are committed and dedicated to delivering tailor made service and products suitable to our clients needs and objectives.
Service excellence: We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them, by offering excellent services and products at competitive rates.
Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions; we make and support business decisions through experience and good judgment.
Integrity: We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.
Community: We strive to improve the lives of people in our communities. Currently the organization has an educational sponsorship program for children living in orphanage.
Respect and teamwork: We treat our employees, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity; we recognize the importance of diversity, respect all individuals and value their contributions.

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